It’s D Day!

Today is “D” day.. Not “D” as in Delivery Day or Driving Test Day. It just that we are starting on Alphabet D.

D is for durians which we been eating for the past two weekends. 😀 KD painted the durian all by himself
20121126-154149.jpg 20121126-154154.jpg

D is also for deer. And we used stickers dots (which also starts with D) that i purchased from Diaso, to decorate the deer. This is a new activity for KD! It allows KD to differentiate between smallest, small and big circle dots! He also get to do finger play to develop the fingers movement as the stickers are small, he struggled a bit before he is able to stick them on.
20121126-154158.jpg 20121126-154204.jpg 20121126-154209.jpg

And remember about the sticker book that I mentioned previously that I purchased from Diaso? We had a nice “tour” covering more sections of the zoo and safari, identifying animals, categorizing them and sticking the correct animals at their respective enclosures. I am glad that one need not really bring the children to the real zoo to teach them about the animals.. It will be so tiring! But of cos the zoo is a good annual excursion which KD been twice now, once when he was one plus and another time when he was two plus. Both years, he reacted very differently when he see the animals and of cos, he changes his favorite animals too! 🙂
20121126-154215.jpg 20121126-154222.jpg

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