It’s Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Show Day

It’s really a very tiring and long day but glad it all end well.


My first attempt at bringing KD for a big show all by myself. The Disney Live show is at Marina Bay Sands and parking is atrocious! Took me one hour to find a lot inside with the massive jams internally. It also took me an hour to get out of the massive jams internally too! All because of vehicles that parked illegally and blocked the traffic! I think they do not have enough wheel cramps for the illegal parking vehicles. -_-“”


Overall, the theatre at MBS is smaller, so I think even though if seated behind will be fine cos the stage is near. We were seated the 7th row from front and its just nice! Lucky KD had the booster seat else he can’t see! 🙂 I am glad he enjoyed! It’s worth it!

20121129-093804.jpg 20121129-093813.jpg 20121129-093821.jpg     20121129-093828.jpg 20121129-093839.jpg 20121129-093856.jpg

Tips: if you spent $20 at any retail, you can redeem parking for free. So in our case, if you bought a pair of show tickets, you can also redeem parking for free. I guess that explains the jams. So, if you receive the complimentary parking, please exit at least one half hour before the parking time is up as that is how long you will take to the exit. -_-“”

The day ended with both me and KD extremely exhausted!! That’s him back at home, catching up on other Mickey’s videos!



One thought on “It’s Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Show Day

  1. Rina

    That is awesome! KD surely had a lot of fun! My boys had passed the Mickey’s phase. At the time they spent almost 24/7 watching only Mickey House Club over and over and over…ough! 😀


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