It’s detailed scan day!


Today, at 19 week and 3 days, is the detailed scan appointment for my 2nd baby. Hubby was outstation so too bad. 😦 I had my sister to accompany me and KD for the detailed scan.

Can you imagine, right up till when we were doing the detailed scan, KD still said that it is a Mei Mei (sister) inside my tummy. So we finally able to correct him now that its so obvious and confirmed. Check the image below, the thing sticking out is his penis. Haha!


The baby is active, always wiggling and loves to lie face down to hug my spine. Kind of like how KD loves to sleep after he is born, hugging my like a koala to sleep. 🙂 We had to keep asking him to turn so we can scan.

Dear baby, 5 more months to meeting you! Be a good boy and grow well!






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