Stamping Stamp Fun!

We have got many stamps at home and one day KD just dragged them out of the box. “Mommy! I want this!”

And here we go~ this really simple activity that allows us to spend 15 minutes or so and its also loads of fun plus learning too! Try it too!

KD learnt about:
1) identifying colours
2) identifying animals
3) looking and matching for the same picture and stamp again
4) finger play for motor skills development
5) circle with pencil which two pictures are the same


Colourful animal stamps







One thought on “Stamping Stamp Fun!

  1. Rina

    Ohoho..that is such a fun activity. I bought similar ones for my boy long time the time he was satisfied with doing it on paper. Dare I give him (and his brother) now all the wall will be covered with ‘new wallpaper’ lol.


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