Santa’s Surprise Party @ Science Centre Singapore

There is a free Christmas show going on within the Science Centre (entry to science centre payable) daily from 19 to 25 December 2012. There are two sessions a day at 1pm and 4 pm and tickets were given out 45 mins before the shows start!

We finally made time to visit today so that we could catch this show! Tomorrow is the last day and last two performances, so do go if you do not want to miss!

The show is about elves that wanna prepare and get ready a surprise party for santa and includes many experiments that wowed both adults and children.  The performers are humorous and the acts are funny too. There is no photography or videography during the show so… do catch it if you can!









After the show, we also walked around the exhibits today and we managed to see a chick that just hatched!




6 thoughts on “Santa’s Surprise Party @ Science Centre Singapore

      1. Kiat Teng

        Hi Mira,

        Thanks for allowing us to share your blog entry, and directing me to your science centre related posts! 🙂

        It is great to know that your family enjoys the visits! 🙂

  1. Alfred

    Our show team are so glad that your family enjoyed the “Santa Surprise Party” Science Show!

    Really makes our day reading your blog about the show!

    Have a happy blessed new year!

    Green Elf 🙂

    1. Miracule Post author

      Hi Alfred, you are welcome! My 3yo throughly enjoyed the show and he still asked me about the green and orange elves! He has cooking toys at home and he mimics and “demo” about green and red fire. Haha.

      On the whole, I really like the show! The youngs and old are all entertained. 🙂 would love to call “encore” and have more of this show again! 😀

      Great job guys!


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