Science Centre Observatory Starry Friday Nights Parties

The very first time i was exposed to stars was when i was in Secondary school and for the school’s anniversary event, we had to choose certain projects that we would like to do and attend some workshops on it. i took astronomy but i do not know what to expect. i also wondered why we had to go to science centre on a weekday late evening.. but i was in awed and totally blown off after i watched the video presentation and brought up to the observatory! it’s the coolest thing i ever seen! the dome like structure opened up like in transformers movies and the ultra gigantic telescope! i never forget the images i seen from looking through the scope..

So, that’s then. Now, Science Centre Singapore still holds a free session for the Stars Observation on every Friday night from 730pm to 10pm. In this December, they actually jingles up the stargazing a little with fun-filled activities.

We went there last Friday on 21 December 2012. KD was very excited when we were there, he took the explanation paper on which stars we can expect to see and tried explaining to us… While we were queuing in the observatory itself, he was inpatient and wanted to be his turn asap.. but when it’s our turn to finally look through the telescope, he refuses because he was afraid. Blame us for introducing him to too much Transformers cartoons.. he thinks the telescope will turn into something if he gets too near.. -_-“”

i will strongly recommend this to parents to expose their young children to astronomy. 🙂 Probably 5 or 6 years old will be a good age, but it’s no harm starting early to see if your child is interested ya? Anyway, it’s free for public and entry. 🙂 If you been there, let me know what you think.. i personally love it.. i am always on the impulsion to buy my own telescope whenever i am there but luckily i hadn’t buy yet. ;p


Details for the Starry Night Parties in December


Like them at above pages for more info. 🙂


This video presentation is payable though. It explains how stars were formed and happened.



The sheet that explains what stars and planets we can see this month


He is so excited while queuing to watch the telescope


The Queue




This is actually Pleiades, a clusters of young and white stars taken through my handphone!




Daddy trying out an activity with KD









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