Patience is what a child & parent need

School for KD has been as usual but he has improved today, 15 minutes before the dismissal then he started crying so loud that everyone outside can hear.  Moments later, the principal opened the door and allowed him out. So far he has been having the special privilege of being the first to go home.. the moment he is outside the classroom, he is all smiley already though there were leftover tears on his face. -_-” Principal said that he cried on off after I left.  :p

For the past few days KD had been refusing his lunch.  It always end up with him crying and me in anger. I told myself that I can’t be beating or screaming back at him every day. So today, I tried a new approach instead of bargaining with him to finish his food then I give him whatever he wants. I brought him home immediately after class and started on activities prior to lunch! Activities that he will love and enjoy!

We did so much today! Playdoh, finger printing, painting,  and a brand new activity!


Playing with Cookie Monster Playdoh


We knead, we roll and we mould! Feed them to Cookie Monster!


cut out shapes that we made


He loves painting very much!


And i really love watching him paint… so charming! LOLx


So focus and concentrating on painting


Ok, we actually did finger printing together first but it was too messy to take the pictures…


His finished artwork! LOLx


I kanna summoned yesterday! So i was inspired to recycle the coupon paper waste for “revenge”! Sigh my $$$~~~


Asking him to tear out for me.. it’s not easy ok.. this is very good for finger exercises


Tore by KD


“Trimmed” by me


Tadah! With the help of glue stick, we made this! It’s fun but not easy for both the small and big hands! really finger play!

And guess what? When we had lunch one hour later,  he finished his own bowl of rice plus a chocolate bread! All on his own, without needing me to nag or battle with him at all! ❤ <3!


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