I left with the struggling KD crying at the door of his class today. It’s for his own good. Three hours later, I returned to pick him up and was peeping in to see what he’s doing.


The happy boy was very happy that the class is ending and teachers are asking them to put on their shoes.


He spotted me and shouted so loud that everyone outside can hear YIPPEE!! MY MOMMY IS HERE! YIPPEE!


He is so going to run out immediately and when teacher stopped him, he burst ouy crying again that he wants his mommy!

Lol! The school and other parents thought that I took care of KD since he’s young thus he is so attached to me. They were stunned when i said no, he was in infantcare and childcare since young. I think the strong attachment could be due to:

1) I am pregnant now and he’s insecure
2) I breastfeed him for 18 months
3) I did a really good job as a sahm for the past 2 months that he thoroughly enjoyed being with me
4) My efforts to bond with him since he is born paid off

Anyway, I gave him a present today. Something I bought long ago and wrapped up again. It’s to “reward” him for surviving this week. 🙂


Wah! He said its a present from santa claus due to the wrapping paper. He was so excited


Open opening opened quick!


LOLx! Its more playdoh colours!


Squeezing the playdoh to make..


Noodles for Cookie Monster!


So much fun!


We made more food for Cookie Monster today!


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