IMG_7345Miracule is the french word for miracles. This is just me, waiting for miracules to happen. 🙂

Many things in my life i considered them to be miracles not to be taken for granted. This way, i will be able to learn to treasure and not allow myself to have regrets.

I was actually a career woman in the Sales line, doning on power suits, meeting clients, closing deals and meeting target & deadlines. I was always very competitive and focus.. until i was married and we had Kay Den Kyle (KD) unplanned less than 3 months after our wedding. At first we felt lost! Like we were still so young and newly married! Our lives are SO going to change drastically! But it’s really truly a blessing in disguise as holding my own child in my arms is the biggest happiness i ever felt!

In the beginning of that pregnancy, i still continue work as per normal, i never slowed down. Until i was 32 weeks pregnant and had premature labour, i had to be admitted to hospital to stop the contractions and etc. I was scared stiff then. I really thank god, buddha, heavens, guardian angels, and my son… for him not coming into this world premature. He managed to hold himself, and not be so eager to come out and came out later at 38 weeks old. 🙂

The baby is a joy! I remembered fondly how my newborn tiny fingers were holding on to my finger and i made a promise to him that i will not only just be his mom, i will be his friend, i will be a good role model, i will protect him, educate him and be there for him for as long as he need me. This is how why people said that a mother is only made when a child is born… your own child that it.

Though there were bound to have conflicts and unhappiness while staying with my in laws, it’s pretty amazing how we are still staying here after 4 years now. In life, many things are very minute and are not worth dwelling on, my son is my strength that kept me and us going. 🙂 I extend a 2 months unpaid leave after the maternity leave and KD was placed in the Infant Care when he was 22 weeks old.

Everything just seems like yesterday, i still can remember the first time i met and hear him and today, KD is already a 3 years old toddler. We felt that he had been in childcare for too long and it’s time Mommy spend some quality time with him. I really thank my hubby for supporting me in this decision and allowing us to survive solely based on single income. Not only that, it’s my hubby whom made it happened that i got married at age 26, gave birth to KD when i was 27 and without him, i won’t have KD such a wonderful beautiful child whom is the reflection of both of us. Thank you Arber!

And here i am, in another miracle of my life… a newly turned Stay-At-Home-Mother!

Congrats me and wish me good luck! 🙂

p/s: If you are a SAHM too, please do link up with me! I would love to befriend you so that we can share ideas and woes on being a SAHM! Drop me a message here or email me at Tinkene@gmail.com


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