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SSO Babies’ Prom

We went for the SSO Babies’ Prom 10th anniversary show! Actually, when KD was one, we brought him there before and he fell asleep less than halfway through the show!

Now that he is three, we decided to try again and have both agreed that KD has absolutely no classical music interests! :p He prefers actions, movements, fast music or raps etc.. The only thing that KD was most interested in, was the music piece from Super Man theme song!

For myself, I was also looking forward to a 10th anniversary show, however, I feel its not as good as the one that I have seen two years ago, so I guess I can save my $$ in future then.

Upon arrival, it’s photo taking time! We also bump into some of KD’s friends! 20121210-172903.jpg 20121210-172857.jpg 20121210-172925.jpg

We signed up for some trading account so that we could get this shasha bear for KD. He has a thing for bears now..

While seated inside the theatre and waiting for the show to start, of course mommy has to cam whore a bit! :p 20121210-172931.jpg 20121210-172937.jpg 20121210-172945.jpg


We Love Christmas

Sometime back, i participated in the gift-away by MamaShoppe and…

We won 3 tickets to the “We Love Christmas” show by ToyBox and boy! It’s really an engaging show for children! All the children are very entertained and somehow, the Host Mark and Reuben really engages the children very well! From 1 year olds all the way to 6 year olds!

We had a very enjoyable one hour time and, yes, it really ignites the Christmas Spirits within me and KD!! He been asking me where is Santa after the show till now!


Thank You MamaShoppe for the Tickets!


The Show is held at Mountbatten Community Centre. Nice, cosy and easy to park! 🙂


The Show’s Poster


Very Xmas feel within the event venue itself


Very Xmas feel within the event venue itself


KD is excited and we were waiting for the show to start!


KD Said “Look Mama! It’s coming!!”


KD was very focus into the show itself, he clapped and followed the actions quite enthusiastically!


Most of them are preschool teachers too, they really know how to engage lil children!


Abby Ant and Santa is on stage too!

It’s Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Show Day

It’s really a very tiring and long day but glad it all end well.


My first attempt at bringing KD for a big show all by myself. The Disney Live show is at Marina Bay Sands and parking is atrocious! Took me one hour to find a lot inside with the massive jams internally. It also took me an hour to get out of the massive jams internally too! All because of vehicles that parked illegally and blocked the traffic! I think they do not have enough wheel cramps for the illegal parking vehicles. -_-“”


Overall, the theatre at MBS is smaller, so I think even though if seated behind will be fine cos the stage is near. We were seated the 7th row from front and its just nice! Lucky KD had the booster seat else he can’t see! 🙂 I am glad he enjoyed! It’s worth it!

20121129-093804.jpg 20121129-093813.jpg 20121129-093821.jpg     20121129-093828.jpg 20121129-093839.jpg 20121129-093856.jpg

Tips: if you spent $20 at any retail, you can redeem parking for free. So in our case, if you bought a pair of show tickets, you can also redeem parking for free. I guess that explains the jams. So, if you receive the complimentary parking, please exit at least one half hour before the parking time is up as that is how long you will take to the exit. -_-“”

The day ended with both me and KD extremely exhausted!! That’s him back at home, catching up on other Mickey’s videos!