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Its weird and yet amazing how a pregnant mommy’s thoughts and thinking process can become so jumbled up. Yesterday I had difficulties spelling the word February. O_o and then how come I am listing out my to do list every day and every week but it never seems to end? I have so many blog drafts i dunno which to complete first too.  Haha, and I am super lethargic with low energy levels.

Every morning, in the lift, is like a kaleidoscope of perfumes.. some pleasant yet some too overwhelming for my liking.  If these different smells can linger so long, I bet the owners intention must be to spray enough to last the whole day.. Anyone wonder before if smell can be an invasion of personal space?

Hubby left for Hong Kong yesterday, he told me to send him a list of items i need and he will help me get them..  I jokingly replied “You mean a Prada wallet also can?” And GUESS WHAT? HE really bought me a Prada wallet!!!! ↖(^▽^)↗Y(^_^)Y↖(^▽^)↗

I had slightly painful tummy cramps on off sometimes it gets regular like 10 to 15 minutes apart until I take a rest.. i been telling hubby to help me out whenever he can cos i am so afraid of premature labour..  but many times or rather, I feel he could have sacrifice his personal time to do more for me.. he did help me just I feel he could have done better.  I am THAT Moody and Greedy now.

Last time before we had KD, hubby said once he arrived, we won’t be able to go out so often and travel already. But we did. Kd also went for 10 overseas holidays in a short span of two years. More than we ever did from the time we were born to adolescence years. And then hubby kept telling me that if we ever have two, we won’t be able to travel and go out like that already and that’s one of the reasons why we took so long to ttc a 2nd child.

Recently, hubby kept repeating to me that when 2nd one is born, we won’t even be going out for meals. Likelihood he will tabao home instead blah blah blah..  -_-///  I think he thinks too far. Seriously we will never know what it’s really like until we get there. And i believe every children is different. We will manage as we go along.. 

I love Kd alot. He is still my baby. Forever cute and perfect in my eyes though i shout at him alot now too..  I must remember to tell him next time that, I become a SAHM not because i am carrying his brother.. but because i really love him so much that i want to spend real quality mother and son time with him. That’s the reason why i don’t even think twice about forgoing the 4 months salary for maternity leave.

Thoughts just kept popping up like above…

I am in nesting mode!! 


10 Things You Should Know about Breastfeeding

While preparing for the arrival of my 2nd newborn next month, I am taking time off to write this very long entry, hoping to encourage more moms to join me in this amazing breastfeeding journey too! I hope that whatever i write below can help inspire you to attempt and persevere to breastfeed for as long as you can, cos breastfeeding is a gift that a mom can give to her child only once in his lifetime, once the time had passed, you cannot give this gift again.


Before i became a mom, I had never thought much about breastfeeding at all, or even showed any interests to find out more from breastfeeding colleagues. When i hear about breastfeeding my reaction will be “Oh?! Ok…” Only when I was mid-way pregnant with my #1, then I began to question myself if I want or need to breastfeed my baby? But first, if I know nuts about breastfeeding, how am i going to make that decision of to breastfeed or not?

Being a very serious person that always seek to find out the truth myself, instead of depending on hearing what everyone (breastfeeding moms, non-breastfeeding moms, singles, married but no children yet, and even men had tried telling me about breastfeeding when I haven’t gave it a thought at all) had to say, I actually went to the library to borrow many books on this topic to learn what breastfeeding is all about, what are the benefits, how it works, the techniques, tricks, tips, how to troubleshoot, etc. So i studied and i succeeded in exclusive breastfeeding for 18 months despite negative comments, discouragements or challenges from around me! I was able to do so because i already knew what are bullshits that i do not need to heed or entertain, as well as i found two very positive and supportive mommy friends whom i approached for help and advices!

Recalling back, I feel it’s amazing how my body is able to support and provide food for the first 18 months of my son’s life! All his milk intake came from me and i was very happy because my son is my lipo-suction machine as well as he is gentle to our wallet!! I didn’t plan when to stop breastfeeding, some how, one day after midnight, when KD turned 17 months exactly, he decided to stop latching just like that. 🙂 I think I am a lucky one in this sense, i immediately took the cue and start weaning him by extending the time to express my breast milk. The frozen supply of expressed breast milk in the freezer lasts for another month before it is totally depleted and then we started our purchasing of milk powder journey.. ($_$””) [Psst!! And can you imagine? For the next 9 months that followed…. i still have breast milk in my breasts even though i didn’t latch on or express anymore? that’s like WOAH! No one told me that!!]


Check out KD’s michelin hands and thunder thighs!


Breastfed babies plump up very easily from birth, by the 3rd month I saw a cute chubby baby in my KD!

I shall not go into details about how breastfeeding works, what you should do etc.. You will be able to easily find theses out on your own if you are really keen about breastfeeding. What I want to share is the 10 things about breastfeeding that I have experienced & learnt and feel it will be encouraging for you to know:

I feel the biggest advantage about breastfeeding is convenience – there is no need to wash & sterilize bottles, no need to bring any milk accessories out, no need to wake in middle of night to go out to mix a bottle of milk, you don’t even have to switch on the lights to find your breasts! Thus i always advocate please latch on all the way, unless necessary. One big beauty about breastfeeding is it’s available anytime, anywhere! I don’t feed my baby water cos breast milk is water and i don’t force my baby to drink from a milk bottle too. C’mon! He is so new to this world! Let him enjoys what he loves! *grins* And you know what is the other greatest convenience? You can bring your baby travelling without fear of:
i) him crying on the plane cos of ear pains,
ii) him drinking any contaminated water or food
iii) packing hot water, ensuring enough milk powder,
iv) how to sterilise while outside or overseas etc etc etc

The BEST nipple cream is actually your own breast milk, try it to believe it! After every feed, just press on your areola to express a little milk and smear it over the nipple. Wait a while for it to dry before covering up. And the BEST way to heal crack nipples is actually your baby’s saliva! Just endure the pain and keeps on latching, the pain will surely go away in a day on its own as compared to not latching and pumping out the milk with nipple cream.. It’s the same as wearing new shoes, you know? Cracked nipples are result from improper latching so your nipples need to be accustomed to your baby and it won’t be pain again. Endure and I swear it heals in a day!

I am always very puzzled when i heard friends turned new moms tell me they stopped breastfeeding like as early as less one month after delivery, their reason is always not enough supply and when i observed or probed a little, i realised that they do not feed frequently or when baby demands for milk, they continued wearing underwired bras, they want to nap in day and sleep through the night and etc. You must know that your baby controls the milk supply. In the beginning, he may cries often and need to latch on VERY often, it’s very normal.. he is helping you to build up the supply for his needs. Many oldies love to criticise that it’s because you do not have enough milk and thus the baby is always hungry.. simply just latch on, and soon, your supply will meet your baby’s demand and a schedule will be form. And please remember, your baby is growing and will have growth spurts. Thus expect that during his growth spurts you will have to latch on frequently again as he is helping you to build up the supply again to meet his needs. Should you feel your milk supply has dropped, check your breasts for blocked milk ducts. There are also ways to increase milk supply such as having enough liquids intake, ensure ample rest and relaxation, as well as taking nursing tea & supplements. Lastly, DON’T BE obsess with how much milk you can pump out and how much milk your baby is taking at every feed! The logic is the same as you will never pee or poo the same amount of waste every time cos it’s depending on your intake and as for the baby’s feeding, they are like adults, we eat more when we are more active and warm and lesser on days where it’s cool and cosy right? They have appetites too.

I do not really follow a time table to feed my son. I take the cue from him to feed him. However, i make it a point to not let the time in between feeds be longer than 3 hours so if he was still sleeping, i will carry him up, wake him and feed him. If he is too sleepy, you can undress him and stroke his jawline gently to wake him. There are actually many different theories out there on breastfeeding schedule and techniques, there is no wrong ones, just simply choose one method that fits you best. In gists, all theories are in the same direction –> Feed regularly to promote and maintain milk supply. And remember, your breast can never be emptied of milk… as you feed, it’s producing milk too.. So in the time span of feeding your baby, don’t be amazed when you have let down a couple of times.. (Ehem, this is something only women get to enjoy just like the other thing you know?…) It’s good for your baby’s growth and it’s good for the mommy cos the more you feed, the faster you slim down! ;p


Just like it’s you whom carried your baby for 9 months, it wasn’t your hubby, your mom or your mother-in-law.. Breastfeeding to me is the same. It’s a very special way of bonding that can only happen between the mom and child, that NO ONE else can replace. Simply just let others bond with the baby in other ways. There should be no need to express your milk out and allow others to feed the baby instead if you are breastfeeding! Won’t that make things more tedious for every one? You pumping, your baby wailing and some one has to wash and sterilise everything later! If you are going back to work, u can start pumping only the week before and talk to your baby about you going back to work, trust me, he knows. Feed the baby only one or two feeds a day via bottle during the hours that you will be away at work. Don’t need to feel frustrated if the baby doesn’t want the bottle. They are smart, when you are not around, somehow they will know and give in to bottles when they are hungry. I still latched when I am back home with baby or on weekends cos I am a lazy fuss free mom. It’s convenience and bonding at the same time that I love!

Do you know that the colostrum that our breasts produced during the 1st 3 days of the baby’s life is very precious and good for the baby? Even if you do not breastfeed for long, do it at least the first few days to pass this gift to your child. Once it’s over, you can’t give to him again.
Extracted from La Leche League:

” Your breasts produce colostrum beginning during pregnancy and continuing through the early days of breastfeeding. This special milk is yellow to orange in color and thick and sticky. It is low in fat, and high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies to help keep your baby healthy. Colostrum is extremely easy to digest, and is therefore the perfect first food for your baby. It is low in volume (measurable in teaspoons rather than ounces), but high in concentrated nutrition for the newborn. Colostrum has a laxative effect on the baby, helping him pass his early stools, which aids in the excretion of excess bilirubin and helps prevent jaundice. In those first few days it is extremely important to breastfeed your newborn at least 8-12 times each 24 hours, and more often is even better. This allows your baby to get all the benefits of the colostrum and also stimulates production of a plentiful supply of mature milk. Your colostrum provides not only perfect nutrition tailored to the needs of your newborn, but also large amounts of living cells which will defend your baby against many harmful agents. The concentration of immune factors is much higher in colostrum than in mature milk. Colostrum actually works as a natural and 100% safe vaccine. It contains large quantities of an antibody called secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is a new substance to the newborn. Before your baby was born, he received the benefit of another antibody, called IgG, through your placenta. IgG worked through the baby’s circulatory system, but IgA protects the baby in the places most likely to come under attack from germs, namely the mucous membranes in the throat, lungs, and intestines. Colostrum has an especially important role to play in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract. A newborn’s intestines are very permeable. Colostrum seals the holes by “painting” the gastrointestinal tract with a barrier which mostly prevents foreign substances from penetrating and possibly sensitizing a baby to foods the mother has eaten. Colostrum also contains high concentrations of leukocytes, protective white cells which can destroy disease-causing bacteria and viruses. The colostrum gradually changes to mature milk during the first two weeks after birth. During this transition, the concentrations of the antibodies in your milk decrease, but your milk volume greatly increases. The disease-fighting properties of human milk do not disappear with the colostrum. In fact, as long as your baby receives your milk, he will receive immunological protection against many different viruses and bacteria.”


Do you know that there are very little supplement that you can give to your child below one year old and yet they are so exposed and vulnerable to all the germs and virus in this world? The special thing about breastfeeding is that we can breast feed all the time, even when we are sick with flu or cold! You should be wearing a mask when you breastfeed your baby when you are sick, and feed before you take your medication. Our breast milk will contain the antibodies for the illness that our body is fighting against and is very good for the baby! Always check with your doctor if you can continue breastfeeding, you can breastfeed unless advise otherwise by the doctor. 🙂

Breastfeeding time is actually a very good time for the mom to bond with the baby. He does not look any where but you (of cos other than that he might be so cosy that he falls asleep!) So, try not to multi task while you are latching on the baby, (though it’s always tempting to check on facebook, reply messages or upload the baby’s latest photos…) You can look at him, admire and remember his features, trying to freeze those touching moments into your memory. Some times i sang to my baby or i just talked to him. He will be very soothed by his mom’s voice. KD was breastfeeded by me for 18 months and he is already 40 months old now. Yet he still remembers that i breastfeed him!! Once in a while, he will come to me and tell me he wants to drink MY milk but i will apologize and reply him no more stock! Haha!

Breastfeeding also make us more aware & conscious of the food that we eat. It’s important that we learn to know our food because certain foods can:
* increase or decreases your milk supply
* provide nutrients to your baby like eating salmon for DHA etc
* cause allergies to your baby
* cause colic & wind and etc
Always keep a mental note on what you have eaten and observe your baby’s output. And you can be adventurous when your baby gets older!

make milk

Lastly, to end off, i hope that you know that you have this special gift / ability / power to be your own baby’s only source of food for at least the first 6 months of his life. No one can or should stop you unless you yourself want to.

BREASTFEEDING TIP #1: Especially for new moms-to-be, I will strongly recommend you to go to the library to borrow at least a book on breastfeeding, to find out what it’s all about on your own. After all, breastfeeding does not work out for lazy and half hearted moms… And though women nowadays are are educated but it is not something that comes natural to every women. Breastfeeding is actually science on its own too. 🙂

BREASTFEEDING TIP #2: After completing the readings, make your own notes and go to YouTube for tutorial on how to latch on baby, how to unlatch etc.. Again, it’s not something that all women or babies will know how, some women actually dunno their own bodies well enough, and it’s something where you can’t practise or have hands on tutorials before hand… You just have to learn the techniques and trial and error when you have your newborn in your arms. Lastly, there are many different issues/situations such as some women may have inverted nipples or sleepy baby etc.. ALL THESES, can be troubleshooted and you can breastfeed. There is actually no such thing as not enough milk or cannot breastfeed unless your doctor specifically tells you you have a medial condition that you can’t breastfeed your baby.

An Unofficial Maternity Photo Shoot

On 23 Dec 2012, instead of the usual three of us (me, hubby and KD), we went for a big family photo shoot with Lumiere Photography, with my parents and sister. I was only 22 weeks pregnant then and never expected the photographer to include some really nice maternity shots in between the whole photo shoot duration! And ya, the tummy was already showing then and probably it’s because it’s 2nd pregnancy that it was bigger than i was 22 weeks pregnant with KD..

So, initially i still wanted to go for a proper and nice maternity photo shoot when i am in my 30+ weeks (which is like now already…)… because the tummy will be huge and beautiful.. but i doubt the rest of me looks beautiful cos i am very bloated every where with limited clothes to wear now… do you think i should still spend that kinda money when i have theses very beautiful pictures already? Sigh.. in dilema over whether should i go for a maternity photo shoot now…

FUN_8019 copy

FUN_8027 copy

FUN_8018 copy

FUN_8014 copy

FUN_8010 copy

FUN_8005 copy

FUN_7999 copy

FUN_8137 copy

FUN_8150 copy

FUN_8190 copy

FUN_8186 copy

FUN_8181 copy

FUN_8179 copy

FUN_8196 copy

FUN_8176 copy


Packing Delivery Bags for Giving Birth in Thomson Medical Centre


Yes, though it’s my 2nd one already (experienced mommy already) and i am only in my 31 weeks now, it’s still not to be taken for granted to pack the delivery bags, especially with the pregnancy pea brain and depleting energy level? I only know one thing for sure, my bags are gonna be smaller & lighter than when i was delivering Kyle.

With seriously depleting energy levels coping with pregnancy and taking care of the elder child, i decided to quickly sort through my notes now and start parking my delivery bags little by little. The last thing i want is for myself or my hubby to be like a “Gan Cheong Spider” in last minute fanatic packing and scrambling just because we thought we are experienced and can leave it later.. Just like the comic below. Haha!


And since i have the information on my hand (and brains) now, why don’t i blog it down and share it with fellow mommies to be? ; )

First of all, if you are delivering in Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) like me, you will be glad to know that the below are provided by TMC for the new born baby, that means lesser things to bring for going home with baby :

* A baby bag by the hospital to carry all the babie’s barangs provided during the stay in the hospital
* A pair of mittens
* Baby Vests & Receiving Blanket (I brought along a set of brand new clothings and wrapping blanket to bring my #1 home but end up didn’t use it at all! I find it totally unneccessary to bring a set of baby’s own clothings at all cos the clothes that you buy are probably still too big for newborns, the hospital actually changed on a new set of the baby’s vest and wrapped the baby nicely in a new receiving blanket just before discharge and he won’t be going home in his birth day suit.)
* Disposable diapers (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Toiletries
* A box of tissue
* Wet wipes (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Diaper protection cream (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Sterile cotton balls (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Cord spirit (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Hand Sanitizer (provided and chargeable by the hospital)

TMC did recommend a list of what Maternity patients should bring, which you can find here. But i will share with you my own packing lists with notes for more information.

TIPS: Prepare at least 2 bags – one for labour and the other for use after your delivery when you are in the hospital room. This postpartum bag(s) should include items for your elder child & husband, and can be left in the car, in your ward or at home, to be brought to the hospital by your husband after you have given birth. This way, during labour, you know exactly where your stuffs are at the moment when you needed them, without you or your hubby pouring out stuffs from different bags to find that one thing you really need. You will also be able to walk in the admission counter in style with only ONE bag. Y(^_^)Y


So what goes into the labour bag and what essential things do you need while you are in the hospital?

Here’s a list of things to include in your labour bag:

1) Documents :
* Hospital Admission Papers
* Yours and your husband’s Identification cards
* Marriage Certification (for registering baby’s Birth in the Hospital^)
* Pre-delivery expense receipts (for claiming from Medisave#)
* Cord Blood Kit & Documentation (if you are donating your baby’s cord blood, which i strongly encourage you to do so)
* Telephone List of Confinement Nanny, Confinement Caterer, Massage Lady etc
* Birth Plan (Yes, you can have your ideal birth plan, but it’s important to be realistic and trust your doctor and the professionals. I feel that having a relax & easy birth where i can conserve energy and be in good moods to meet the Very Important Little People for the very first time is my top most priority, so i will not fight against the doctor and nurses about shaving, making me poo, using epidural etc. The only thing i am very particular about is that i must breastfeed my baby as soon as possible after birth)

2) Relaxation items that will help you (and your spouse) relax while you are on labour :
* Mobile Phones & Chargers
* Music Player
* Earphones
* Hairbands for tying up your hair (and your spouse’s too, if applicable. ;p)
* Spectacle or extra pair of contact lenses for yourself and spouse (if applicable)
* Essential oils, soothing music CDs, your favorite hanky, birthing ball, warm heat bag, massage oil, favorite pillows etc (my past experience told me that DON’T BOTHER about all theses.. it’s not the birthing process that matters, it’s being energetic and happy to make the best first impression with your baby and the future of watching your beloved baby grow up healthy and strong that really matters.. i will just asked to be hooked up on epidural and then totally relax and enjoy my last moments listening to music, reading a book or magazine, watching drama serials on the phone and SLEEP before the life changing event where i will turn into a zombified mother for at least the next 12 months… )

3) For recording the details and very important moments before and after childbirth:
* Camera, Video Camera and their chargers

4) For keeping warmth:
* Socks and Sweater (optional for mommy as i find it hot more than cold in the labour room. also, you can request for extra blankets from the staffs should you feel cold)
* Sweater for hubby (because usually husbands are more nervous and tired than the delivering wives. ;p )

5) Snacks & sweets
To provide you and hubby with energy while waiting during labour and after childbirth when you need to regain your strength. You may wish to prepare your own as food in the hospital cafeteria may be expensive or they do not have what you wish to eat. It’s highly recommended that you go for a good hearty breakfast/lunch/dinner and spent a good quality time with your spouse before you admit to the hospital for delivery.

6) Maternity Pads
As i prefer to use the normal ultra slim and extra long soft cotton night pads (which are way more comfy) instead of the maternity pads. It’s recommend that you put some into the labour bag so the hospital will not open a pack of those maternity pads with loops for you (which is chargeable too). Include a pack of your own disposable panties too if you do not want to use those provided by the hospital (which is chargeable too).


^ You can register your baby’s birth at either the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or major hospitals, ideally within 14 days from the date of birth. Registration at ICA currently cost S$18. Some hospitals may charge an administrative fee on top of the S$18. Note that more documents are required for foreigners registering for their child’s birth. See ICA website for details.

# You can claim some of the pre-delivery expenses related to pregnancy from your Medisave after your delivery. Hence, please keep all your receipts (e.g. for ultrasounds or consultations) and submit them to the reception when you are booked in to the delivery suite. Note that there is a maximum claimable amount of $450. See MOH website for more details.

Here’s a list of things you can put in your postpartum bag:

More Disposable Panties (recommended to buy cotton ones that are non-maternity which are more comfortable, can be found in Giant Supermarkets)

More Maternity Pads (recommended to use the extra long soft cotton night pads in place of maternity pads as it’s more comfortable)

Nursing bra, Breast pads (optional as milk does not kick in so soon thus won’t leak), Nursing Tea and Nipple cream if you plan to breastfeed your baby right after birth or whenever necessary.

Own Button Down Dressing gowns (easier for breastfeeding) in case you don’t like the robe the hospital provides and also a sweater for covering up if you would like to take a stroll.

Basic Makeup (if you want to look good in case of visits, do remember a makeup remover too. Include your favorite lip balm too. )

Your Own Favorite Toiletries & Skincare (Basic toiletries are provided by the hospital throughout your stay with TMC. However, you may also like to bring along your personal toiletries for a more comfortable stay, such as your own eye creams, facial wash, contact lenses etc).

Toothbrush, face towel, bath towel and changing clothes for the Hubby if he staying over with you.

Toothbrush, face towel, bath towel and changing clothers for the elder sibling if he/she is staying over with you. It’s important to bring and present the congratulation gift to present to the elder sibling immediately during the siblings’ first meeting. Also, bring along source of entertainment (ipad or favorite toys) to keep elder child entertained during the stay.

Going-home attire to use when you are ready to be discharged from the hospital.

Laptop which you can use to download pictures if you can’t wait to update friends of your childbirth but this can be optional.

A list of things to do after delivery:

– Text and inform parents, relatives and friends to announce arrival of baby
– Call confinement nanny during first day of hospital stay, if applicable
– Call massage lady, if applicable
– Call Confinement food caterer, if applicable
– Hubby to register birth at hospital (if you have names decided)
– Set up Child Development Account (
– Set up first gynaecologist and paediatric appointments
– Set up maternity leave arrangements
– Car seat (installed) which you need to bring your baby home.

Good luck with the baby and all the best for your delivery!

On the first day of Chinese New Year

大年初一拜个好年!Happy Chinese New Year!

祝大家新的一年里心想事成,万事如意!Here’s wishing everyone in the new snake year all wishes come true and things go according to your heart’s desire.

As Hubby is the eldest grandson whom his dad is the eldest brother, we have to station ourselves at his grandmother place every first day of every new year. Before we made our way there, here’s some images of what we did in the morning!


Guess what's cooking?


Shephard's Chicken Pie!


Yummy cakes for breakfast


Enjoying life ya? KD having breakfast


Thanks to my BFF for sponsoring me this dress! Who say heavily preggie cant look hot?


Lil prince in tummy as of week 29


Fully make up once in a blue moon now


KD wants to bring his backpack out!

My January in Summary – Thrilling Roller Coaster Ride

Remember I kick start the new year super well? We went for alms offerings to the monks in the early morning of 1 Jan and then kick start our exciting and full of fun staycation in Sentosa.

My hopes for the new year was that 2013 will be like the way we started it – about giving and sharing, about being contented and grateful, being with and a family full of love and care, having fun in a relaxed and stress free environment and most importantly, being healthy!

Immediately after we came back from our Resort World Sentosa 3d2n staycation, KD started his Nursery days and began his mood swings and tantrums which i patiently overcome.

Now. Here’s what wasn’t blogged down because I was totally not in the mood to do so. I went M.I.A for about two weeks because:

1) My in laws’ Domestic helper was showing her attitude again and really seriously not helping. Seems like once a month, she will pull stunts such as refusing to cook lunch for me and KD. Not washing his milk bottles properly, shouting at me whenever I asked her nicely to do something, talking back in her philippino language after I asked her something… There was one day I was bathing KD halfway and we had a small accident. I shouted for her for help but I end up from me shouting alone to Kd screaming hysterically with me for her name… she finally came to our aid showing that she was very irritated and frustrated. After cleaning KD and dressing him, I went out to see what exactly was keeping her and I was boiling mad to find her painting her toe nails in the late morning!! Tell me how to keep my sanity staying with my in laws and always getting shitty attitude from their Domestic Helper whom I am now facing everyday in my stay at home days for the past 3 months…

2) I fell sick with a sinus infection and had serious drug allergy which caused my mouth to swell and break out in ulcers. It was horrible as I need to juggle Kd alone and needed to see the doctor to reassure me if the drug allergy will cause harm to my baby inside me..

3) Hubby was out of town and helper was showing attitude so she didnt assist me at all.. 27 weeks into my pregnancy and i had to carry KD to the car every morning with our bags even in the rain.. KD is already 16kg+ and it’s really beyond my ability to carry him now in my state. In the end, I developed stomach pains for the whole day till next next morning the very worried me quickly went to visit my Gynae. He was very angry that i didnt visit him the day before and was very worried i might developed into premature labour as I had the same when I was carrying KD.

4) Finally with medication keeping the pain under control, I went to the long waited final vacation for myself (won’t be able to travel for at least the next 2 years with a new born) to Hong Kong, a total of 7 of us, Hubby, KD and I, my parents and my in laws. I changed and toned down the itineraries so the journey was smooth and enjoyable until when we are returning to Singapore. Few hours before our departure, I was rejected by the in town check in and not given my boarding pass. The HKIA staffs made me walked to another terminal to see a doctor to get a certified fit to travel letter that is within 7 days of departure (my own Gynae letter was issued on 5th Jan) then they will issue me with my boarding pass. After seeing the doctor, i had to walk back to the previous terminal to queue for my boarding pass. When it was finally my turn, the staff refused to serve me but asked me to wait till his team leader is back. I had time stand and wait for another ten minutes and when the team leader came, i complained to her why is that such a requirements for a certified fit to travel that’s within 7 days and it was not stated on their website at all? In fact a gynae’s letter is only necessary if it’s 30 weeks pregnant and above. Guess what she replied me? She said no, there is no need for that. My original gynae’s letter is sufficient!!! Then why made me go through the hassle and stress to rush here and there so that I will be in time to board with my 6 other family members?? Aiyo, the mental, emotional and physical stress was enough to leave me hyperventilating! I was so worried I might really developed premature labor and deliver in hk!

So, on this first day of the Chinese New Year, I really hope that the snake year will be smooth sailing, safe, healthy, happy for me and family.. I believe that there are rainbows after storms. Y(^_^)Y