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Family day out at Sentosa

It’s Sunday and of cos we will not let a great weekend goes to waste!

Two weeks back, we have applied for the Sentosa Islander membership at only $50 nett for annual unlimited entry into Sentosa for up to 5 immediate family members if we all walk in (or take the tram in for free!) If you drive in, all the members on board in your car will enter Sentosa for free. 🙂 You can also submit your vehicle details and IU number for a quicker auto gate entry into Sentosa. Since we had the islander card, we had been into Sentosa thrice.

As usual, since it’s always raining mainly in the noon or late afternoons, a quick check with the weather forecast, and we have arrived in Sentosa at 10+am! We went to the more family friendly Palawan Beach and unload our stuffs pretty quickly. We had a big picnic mat, 2 chairs, sandwiches, fruits, tidbits and icy cold water! We also brought along a soccer ball, bubbles launcher and KD’s sand play bag. The highlights of the day is of course KD’s favorite, playing with sand! He learnt to fill the container with sand, turning it over carefully, burying items and uncovering them! Who say that you have to spend a lot when you come to Sentosa? I feel that the beaches here are much nicer, more conducive and relaxing!

20121126-190248.jpg 20121126-190304.jpg 20121126-190325.jpg 20121126-190330.jpg 20121126-190338.jpg 20121126-190353.jpg 20121126-190346.jpg 20121126-190400.jpg

1) If you mainly drive in, you can also choose to apply an individual islander card at only $25 nett. With an islander card in hand, it also allows u to drive in free with your car full of people! In our case, we wanted the flexibility and thus we applied the family islander membership and include the cards for my own mom and sister! Thus if we want, we can all sit into different cars to drive friends in together!
2) Parking in Sentosa is not expensive! If you do not intend to stay in Sentosa for more than 4 hours, you can may want to park in the more accessible Beach Carpark, it costs only $5 for 1st 4 hours.

Beach & Imbiah Car Park

Parking Rates:

7AM – 11.59AM 12PM – 2PM 2.01PM – 5PM 5.01PM – 6.59AM
Weekday $3 (1st 4hrs)
$1/hr thereafter
FREE $3 (1st 4hrs)
$1/hr thereafter
$1 per entry
Weekend & Public Holiday $5 (1st 4hrs)
$2/hr thereafter
$2 per entry

But if you intend to park for longer than 4 hours, Tanjong Beach Carpark is a really good choice! It only costs $3 for 1st 8 hours of parking! Yes!! ONLY $3!!

Tanjong & Palawan Car Park
7AM – 11.59AM 12PM – 2PM 2.01PM – 5PM 5.01PM – 6.59AM
Weekday $3 (1st 8hrs)
$1/hr thereafter
FREE $3 (1st 8hrs)
$1/hr thereafter
$1 per entry
Weekend & Public Holiday $3 (1st 8hrs)
$1/hr thereafter
$1 per entry

3) There were occasions where we drive in to Sentosa after 5pm and parked at the Beach carpark at only $2 per entry so that we can have dinner in Sentosa. 🙂 Explore, you will find your favorite food there too!

Simplicity Joy

It’s really intriguing observing little children playing and I always can’t help but wonder, why and how did adults lose this ability to be happy so easily?

There are two activities which I really enjoy to watch KD at play. One is when he plays the swing at the playground, and the other is when we are playing with Bubbles!! His laughters are like such soothing music to my ears, or nope… more like the fingers caressing the strings of the guitar in my heart to a lovely tune! His joy is infectious! It’s those moments where I feel that whatever shit I have been through, IT’S WORTH IT! 🙂

I bought a Turbo Bubbles Launcher from Giant at only $10.XX! It works wonders and saves my lungs from manually blowing bubbles for KD! It can release so many bubbles at any one press making the scene really beautiful like in a dreamland or fairly tale. Watch a video of him at Bubbles Play. 🙂

20121123-173849.jpg 20121123-173900.jpg 20121123-173909.jpg 20121123-173914.jpg20121123-173925.jpg 20121123-173931.jpg20121123-173937.jpg 20121123-173942.jpg