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幸福的每一天 Daily Bliss

Every mornings I wake up to a very handsome face.. It’s the same feeling in the afternoons and evenings, my heart will skip a beat whenever I look at his face..


When I cursed that the drivers in front when I was driving, he who sat behind will tell me “Don’t worry Mommy!”

When I was crying (be it real or fake cries) he will come touch my head and say “Don’t cry, don’t cry..”

And the surprises kisses he came over and gave me everyday..

The little things I am grateful for and appreciates everyday… How is it not to fall in love with this darling?



Jumping Jumpy Jack!

KD had been slow in his development when he was a baby. As compared to other babies born in the same month as him, he is slower to flip, crawl, stand and walk. He stood at 15 month old and walked one month after that. In fact he only master the confidence to jump in this very year at 2.5 years old!

Few days back, at the Parenthood fair, I was asked by the NUH exhibitor to fill in a questionaire. And the results showed that KD was slowed in his physical development. The interviewer flipped back to the questions to see and ask me how come KD can’t jump over a distance of 6 inches or throw a ball with both hands way up high from above his head. I was dumbstruck! I really don’t know and didn’t observed him doing it before so I dunno if he can do it!

Anyway, just few days after that episode, one night, KD was moving the bolsters all to the floor and I was getting a lil irritated with him.. But the next moment I was shocked! He had invented his own game himself and asked me to look at him!


He was doing imaginative play of being an explorer like in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and jumping over big or small items! He showed me that he could jump over 6 inches without me doing anything to teach him so.. Who said physical development needs to be pricey to go to playgyms etc? He also showed me that kids are so easy to lead and satisfy!

So moral of the story is, don’t worry so much as a parent.. The child be developed at his own pace and time. Sit back and be surprised by all these little wonders that your child will show you. They are very smart being but they simply just haven’t showed to you yet!

Catch a full video of him demonstrating how to play this game.