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Simplicity Joy

It’s really intriguing observing little children playing and I always can’t help but wonder, why and how did adults lose this ability to be happy so easily?

There are two activities which I really enjoy to watch KD at play. One is when he plays the swing at the playground, and the other is when we are playing with Bubbles!! His laughters are like such soothing music to my ears, or nope… more like the fingers caressing the strings of the guitar in my heart to a lovely tune! His joy is infectious! It’s those moments where I feel that whatever shit I have been through, IT’S WORTH IT! 🙂

I bought a Turbo Bubbles Launcher from Giant at only $10.XX! It works wonders and saves my lungs from manually blowing bubbles for KD! It can release so many bubbles at any one press making the scene really beautiful like in a dreamland or fairly tale. Watch a video of him at Bubbles Play. 🙂

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