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Fighting a not so blue Monday!

It’s because tomorrow is a holiday as well as hubby’s 35th Birthday!

Something to brighten up the Monday!

So how we started today?

A very quick recapped on what’s for Alphabet A and B then we move on to Letter C! C is for Carrot and Crab! Kyle (KD) loves painting very much..Don’t he look like a lil Picasso?  i also cut out some stripes patterns on a carrot for him to do stamping on his finished art works.

20121116-141204.jpg 20121116-141217.jpg 20121116-141226.jpg 20121116-141237.jpg 20121116-141248.jpg 20121116-141256.jpg

As the weather forecast said it’s not going to rain in the next two hours, i quickly scambled to get KD out of the house for a farm visit to Qian Hu Fish Farm!

Where: 71 Jalan Lekar  Singapore 698950 (near Choa Chu Kang).
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 9am to 6pm, Fri-Sun & Public Holidays 9am to 7pm.
How to get There: If you are not driving, they do provide free shuttle buses from CCK MRT Station, so you are keen, you can take a look at here for more information. 🙂

What to do there:
1) Fishes viewing!
2) Fish Spas
3) Your kids will surely love the Longgang Fishing which costs $6 for 30 mins (inclusive of a tank for you to bring home the fish and a free loan of net).
4) You can also buy packet food from them to feed the fishes or tortoises at $1 each.

Beware, the longgang fishing is tough cos the fishes are a lot more agile than the 3 YO toddler and a preggie mom! We spent 15 mins and finally caught 2 fishes.. luckily in the end we caught a total of 6 fishes in 30 mins! so $6 for 6 fishes.. not too bad eh? 🙂

And here is to share a video of KD when he was feeding the very hungry Koi!

20121112-133224.jpg 20121112-133235.jpg 20121112-133242.jpg 20121112-133248.jpg 20121112-133302.jpg 20121112-133322.jpg 20121112-133332.jpg 20121112-133339.jpg 20121112-133347.jpg 20121112-133352.jpg 20121112-133400.jpg 20121112-133405.jpg