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My Biggest Fan

When Hubby and I were dating, he loves taking photos of me. And so, every time we went out on our dates, there will surely be lots of photos of me eating, posing, talking, sipping a coffee, reading a book, playing the PSP etc etc. He made me feel like i am a gem in his eyes. Haha.

However, he stopped taking any pictures of me like 3 to 4 months after our wedding, when we both found out i was pregnant with KD.. You can imagine how ugly i had turned that i really dont have any photos from that pregnancy, with only one exception photo that i forced him to help me take while i was standing outside the delivery suites in TMC waiting for a room to delivery KD. I was not just bloated and my small butts gave way to big hips.. i had like at least 20 pimples or acne on my face anytime! 😦

Anyway, i am still grateful for the many photos taken of me when i was young, very slim and pretty. That i can show to my children how Hot mama was last time. *LOLx*

Anyway, only when KD was born, I have my biggest fan in my lifetime.. bigger than anyone in my life – my parents or siblings included. My son is my biggest fan!! Hmmm… i would say it’s pretty obvious, ask him who he loves or prefers most, IT WILL BE ME! hahaha. I am the most important person in his life, as of now still is.

Kyle mommy biggest fan

A blink of an eye and he is going to be 3.5 years old now and yet, he still cries for Mama every time, some times, he is so exaggerating that made people rolled their eyes… I am not complaining! I am just indulging in this sweetness while it lasts. 🙂

– – – – –

Something i must remember from the conversation i had when I went to pick KD from school today,

Me:  Did you cry in school today?

KD: Ya!

Me: Oh! Why did you cry?

KD: Of cos! Mama, Of Cos!! I love mommy…

My heart, body, soul etc all just totally melted on the spot and is still melting now!

i love you this much

Papa.. Mama.. Kayden.. I Love You..

This had to be documented cos it’s one of those very precious memories of my son’s growing up years…

i love you this much

Kids’ ways of saying “I love you” are always so sweet and memorable…

I don’t know who taught KD that, but months ago, when KD was 2.5 years old.

He will always point out fishes or animals and said pointing to the biggest one “Papa…” then he will point to another big one as “Mama…” then he will point to a tiny or smaller one “Kayden…” And he will end with the action of hugging himself and said “I love you!”

For example,

while we were watching the “Journey to Artic” at Omni Theatre at Science Centre, cos there were only two polar bears, he will tell me that the big one is Mama and the small one is Kayden and “I love you!”

Same for when we go out and see fishes in ponds, aquariums etc.

this is sweeeeeeeeeeet. 😉

Kyle’s 2nd day of going to school

Hmm, I find that the break that Kyle enjoyed when I withdrawed him from the childcare and waited for nursery to reopen was too long.

He is throwing BIG tantrums for his 2nd day of school today.  The moment I put on the uniform for him, he cried himself hoarse all the way from home to the school.  I had a hard time carrying the struggling crying boy, lugging his school bag, holding on his shoes.. all with my budging and heavy tummy.

When we entered the class, he was still a koala bear hugging me tightly. After many songs and he was willing to let me go and sit on the floor himself. 🙂 I feel so proud of him at the moment! It’s like he took the initiative himself without anyone forcing him! Little children are much more amazing than we think!

I just came out from the class when he’s settled down. I lied to him that I need to use the toilet and can he wait for me please? I feel when a child goes to school, it’s like the parent going to school all over again.  🙂 the parents are more anxious and worried than the child. Not just the child needs to feel secure and at ease.  The parent has to learn to let go too.

And thus here I am, outside the classroom bloggin on my phone. Making this another precious memory of Kyle’s milestone – transiting from full time childcare to nursery.

I still remember the days when I was the one going to kindergarten and my mommy was standing outside peeping in from the small gaps in between metal window panes. Being a parents in whatever year doesn’t changed much really.  Be it in 1988 or 2013…