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The color of feelings

One day last week, after we came home from KD’s school, we were as usual lazing around to rest a while before taking our lunch.

I can’t remember exactly what happened but KD was so mischievous again that i shouted at him and said “I am so angry now!”

To my surprise, he asked me back “Mommy, what color is angry? ”

And then he went to his school bag and took out the folder of the week’s work to show me…


He began by pointing onto each heart and asked me if I know what color it is and what it means… Before I could answer, he answered his questions himself too. Haha. Beige orange is for Happy, Blue is for Sad and Red is for angry! He said that I was red color just now!

It’s really amazing what kids learn in school these days…

Another memory recorded for my reminiscent in my old days…


My Biggest Fan

When Hubby and I were dating, he loves taking photos of me. And so, every time we went out on our dates, there will surely be lots of photos of me eating, posing, talking, sipping a coffee, reading a book, playing the PSP etc etc. He made me feel like i am a gem in his eyes. Haha.

However, he stopped taking any pictures of me like 3 to 4 months after our wedding, when we both found out i was pregnant with KD.. You can imagine how ugly i had turned that i really dont have any photos from that pregnancy, with only one exception photo that i forced him to help me take while i was standing outside the delivery suites in TMC waiting for a room to delivery KD. I was not just bloated and my small butts gave way to big hips.. i had like at least 20 pimples or acne on my face anytime! 😦

Anyway, i am still grateful for the many photos taken of me when i was young, very slim and pretty. That i can show to my children how Hot mama was last time. *LOLx*

Anyway, only when KD was born, I have my biggest fan in my lifetime.. bigger than anyone in my life – my parents or siblings included. My son is my biggest fan!! Hmmm… i would say it’s pretty obvious, ask him who he loves or prefers most, IT WILL BE ME! hahaha. I am the most important person in his life, as of now still is.

Kyle mommy biggest fan

A blink of an eye and he is going to be 3.5 years old now and yet, he still cries for Mama every time, some times, he is so exaggerating that made people rolled their eyes… I am not complaining! I am just indulging in this sweetness while it lasts. 🙂

– – – – –

Something i must remember from the conversation i had when I went to pick KD from school today,

Me:  Did you cry in school today?

KD: Ya!

Me: Oh! Why did you cry?

KD: Of cos! Mama, Of Cos!! I love mommy…

My heart, body, soul etc all just totally melted on the spot and is still melting now!

i love you this much

Kyle said Ya I know!

In the mornings, if hubby is in Singapore, he will help me to bring KD down to the car and buckle him onto his car seat so i won’t have to carry the heavy KD.

After that, hubby will walk to the train station to go to work while i send KD to his school.

Today, KD was very awake instead of the usual sleepy boy, he waved bye bye and gave flying kisses to his Daddy while we departed.

Me : Do you know where Daddy is going?

KD : Ya!

Me: Where is Daddy going?

KD: Daddy go to eat noodles!



Do it myself book

Sharing a cloth book that I LOVE!!!

I had purchased it for KD when he was barely One Year Old, because I simply couldn’t resist it that time! I can’t remember the actual price and place that i purchased from, however it wasn’t too expensive!

I been taking it out on and off to read to KD when he was younger (from 1.5 years to 2.5 years), and activities i did with him with this book were picture story telling using him as the character and what he is doing every morning, followed by me demonstrating how to do each tasks.. But i had kept it and forgotten about it until recently KD took it out again on his own..

To my astonishment, he was picture story telling to me about the book and demonstrating how to perform the tasks on his own! Who says children whom do not pay attention doesn’t pick up anything? He was learning all along just that he did not display it!


Buttoning up – takes a lot off finger skills!


Putting on a belt


Connecting and pulling up the zipper


Tying Shoe Lace – To be honest, this is not something KD can do yet. But he has an idea that the lace go thru holes.. 🙂


Another type of Button


Buckle up!

I no want salary, I want honey jar!

A conversation with Kyle (KD) at 40 months old, that’s worth jotting down for reminiscent when i am old.

I made a cup of milo for Kyle and he finished it very quickly.

Kyle:  Mommy,  later i buy you a cup of milo ah…

Me: You got money to buy? You know you have to work like Daddy so that you will earn a salary?


Me: Oh? You don’t want to earn a salary then you want to be a boss? If you are a boss, you will have many businesses!


Me: (giving up… ) Then what do you want?

Kyle: I…..  want…..  a….. Honey Jar!!  Give me! Give me my honey jar!!


-_-||   -_-///   >_<¦¦¦

My January in Summary – Thrilling Roller Coaster Ride

Remember I kick start the new year super well? We went for alms offerings to the monks in the early morning of 1 Jan and then kick start our exciting and full of fun staycation in Sentosa.

My hopes for the new year was that 2013 will be like the way we started it – about giving and sharing, about being contented and grateful, being with and a family full of love and care, having fun in a relaxed and stress free environment and most importantly, being healthy!

Immediately after we came back from our Resort World Sentosa 3d2n staycation, KD started his Nursery days and began his mood swings and tantrums which i patiently overcome.

Now. Here’s what wasn’t blogged down because I was totally not in the mood to do so. I went M.I.A for about two weeks because:

1) My in laws’ Domestic helper was showing her attitude again and really seriously not helping. Seems like once a month, she will pull stunts such as refusing to cook lunch for me and KD. Not washing his milk bottles properly, shouting at me whenever I asked her nicely to do something, talking back in her philippino language after I asked her something… There was one day I was bathing KD halfway and we had a small accident. I shouted for her for help but I end up from me shouting alone to Kd screaming hysterically with me for her name… she finally came to our aid showing that she was very irritated and frustrated. After cleaning KD and dressing him, I went out to see what exactly was keeping her and I was boiling mad to find her painting her toe nails in the late morning!! Tell me how to keep my sanity staying with my in laws and always getting shitty attitude from their Domestic Helper whom I am now facing everyday in my stay at home days for the past 3 months…

2) I fell sick with a sinus infection and had serious drug allergy which caused my mouth to swell and break out in ulcers. It was horrible as I need to juggle Kd alone and needed to see the doctor to reassure me if the drug allergy will cause harm to my baby inside me..

3) Hubby was out of town and helper was showing attitude so she didnt assist me at all.. 27 weeks into my pregnancy and i had to carry KD to the car every morning with our bags even in the rain.. KD is already 16kg+ and it’s really beyond my ability to carry him now in my state. In the end, I developed stomach pains for the whole day till next next morning the very worried me quickly went to visit my Gynae. He was very angry that i didnt visit him the day before and was very worried i might developed into premature labour as I had the same when I was carrying KD.

4) Finally with medication keeping the pain under control, I went to the long waited final vacation for myself (won’t be able to travel for at least the next 2 years with a new born) to Hong Kong, a total of 7 of us, Hubby, KD and I, my parents and my in laws. I changed and toned down the itineraries so the journey was smooth and enjoyable until when we are returning to Singapore. Few hours before our departure, I was rejected by the in town check in and not given my boarding pass. The HKIA staffs made me walked to another terminal to see a doctor to get a certified fit to travel letter that is within 7 days of departure (my own Gynae letter was issued on 5th Jan) then they will issue me with my boarding pass. After seeing the doctor, i had to walk back to the previous terminal to queue for my boarding pass. When it was finally my turn, the staff refused to serve me but asked me to wait till his team leader is back. I had time stand and wait for another ten minutes and when the team leader came, i complained to her why is that such a requirements for a certified fit to travel that’s within 7 days and it was not stated on their website at all? In fact a gynae’s letter is only necessary if it’s 30 weeks pregnant and above. Guess what she replied me? She said no, there is no need for that. My original gynae’s letter is sufficient!!! Then why made me go through the hassle and stress to rush here and there so that I will be in time to board with my 6 other family members?? Aiyo, the mental, emotional and physical stress was enough to leave me hyperventilating! I was so worried I might really developed premature labor and deliver in hk!

So, on this first day of the Chinese New Year, I really hope that the snake year will be smooth sailing, safe, healthy, happy for me and family.. I believe that there are rainbows after storms. Y(^_^)Y