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An Unofficial Maternity Photo Shoot

On 23 Dec 2012, instead of the usual three of us (me, hubby and KD), we went for a big family photo shoot with Lumiere Photography, with my parents and sister. I was only 22 weeks pregnant then and never expected the photographer to include some really nice maternity shots in between the whole photo shoot duration! And ya, the tummy was already showing then and probably it’s because it’s 2nd pregnancy that it was bigger than i was 22 weeks pregnant with KD..

So, initially i still wanted to go for a proper and nice maternity photo shoot when i am in my 30+ weeks (which is like now already…)… because the tummy will be huge and beautiful.. but i doubt the rest of me looks beautiful cos i am very bloated every where with limited clothes to wear now… do you think i should still spend that kinda money when i have theses very beautiful pictures already? Sigh.. in dilema over whether should i go for a maternity photo shoot now…

FUN_8019 copy

FUN_8027 copy

FUN_8018 copy

FUN_8014 copy

FUN_8010 copy

FUN_8005 copy

FUN_7999 copy

FUN_8137 copy

FUN_8150 copy

FUN_8190 copy

FUN_8186 copy

FUN_8181 copy

FUN_8179 copy

FUN_8196 copy

FUN_8176 copy



28 weeks

Time flies. Baby be good and mommy will also take good care of myself.

We will see u in another 83 days or so. 🙂



24 weeks

My tummy is huge! This is almost the same size as I was in 32 weeks when having KD.. The stretching is making me so uncomfortable and wonder how to tahan till 40 weeks? I hoping to deliver 2 days before edd so this bb has same birthday as me!

20121230-095212.jpg 20121230-095218.jpg

22 weeks


I keep on having heart burns that happened throughout the day.  Acid burning all the way up at the throat.

Not forgetting to mention the pelvic bone pains and ribcage pains too. :s

It’s ok! The sensation of baby moving soothes me. See you in another 16 to 18 weeks!