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Last day of 2012


2012 seems to pass so fast, it’s the last day of the year today.

I am most grateful and thankful for:
– having the miracule of life growing within me again so in the new year I can give Kyle a sibling
– hubby found a job that he really likes and enjoys
– hubby and my family in supporting my decision to be a Sahm
– being able to spend quality time with Kyle alone before another child arrives

So, how did we spent this last day of 2012?

1) spring clean our wardrobes! Moved and kept the clothes that Kyle and I couldn’t wear anymore to make room for the new clothes
2) we went science centre and spent hours there! Caught the “Journey to Artic” omni imax movie, Kyle’s favourite Fire Tornado Demostraion and browse other exhibitions.
3) furniture browsing and groceries shopping at IMM

Simple day it is but good enough for us on a rainy day.. cos our beginning of 2013 is very very fun! We are going Sentosa RWS for a staycation!

Santa’s Surprise Party @ Science Centre Singapore

There is a free Christmas show going on within the Science Centre (entry to science centre payable) daily from 19 to 25 December 2012. There are two sessions a day at 1pm and 4 pm and tickets were given out 45 mins before the shows start!

We finally made time to visit today so that we could catch this show! Tomorrow is the last day and last two performances, so do go if you do not want to miss!

The show is about elves that wanna prepare and get ready a surprise party for santa and includes many experiments that wowed both adults and children.  The performers are humorous and the acts are funny too. There is no photography or videography during the show so… do catch it if you can!









After the show, we also walked around the exhibits today and we managed to see a chick that just hatched!



Science Centre Observatory Starry Friday Nights Parties

The very first time i was exposed to stars was when i was in Secondary school and for the school’s anniversary event, we had to choose certain projects that we would like to do and attend some workshops on it. i took astronomy but i do not know what to expect. i also wondered why we had to go to science centre on a weekday late evening.. but i was in awed and totally blown off after i watched the video presentation and brought up to the observatory! it’s the coolest thing i ever seen! the dome like structure opened up like in transformers movies and the ultra gigantic telescope! i never forget the images i seen from looking through the scope..

So, that’s then. Now, Science Centre Singapore still holds a free session for the Stars Observation on every Friday night from 730pm to 10pm. In this December, they actually jingles up the stargazing a little with fun-filled activities.

We went there last Friday on 21 December 2012. KD was very excited when we were there, he took the explanation paper on which stars we can expect to see and tried explaining to us… While we were queuing in the observatory itself, he was inpatient and wanted to be his turn asap.. but when it’s our turn to finally look through the telescope, he refuses because he was afraid. Blame us for introducing him to too much Transformers cartoons.. he thinks the telescope will turn into something if he gets too near.. -_-“”

i will strongly recommend this to parents to expose their young children to astronomy. 🙂 Probably 5 or 6 years old will be a good age, but it’s no harm starting early to see if your child is interested ya? Anyway, it’s free for public and entry. 🙂 If you been there, let me know what you think.. i personally love it.. i am always on the impulsion to buy my own telescope whenever i am there but luckily i hadn’t buy yet. ;p


Details for the Starry Night Parties in December


Like them at above pages for more info. 🙂


This video presentation is payable though. It explains how stars were formed and happened.



The sheet that explains what stars and planets we can see this month


He is so excited while queuing to watch the telescope


The Queue




This is actually Pleiades, a clusters of young and white stars taken through my handphone!




Daddy trying out an activity with KD








Science Centre

It’s really true that people said, be careful of what you wished for.. for it may really come true!

When i was in Primary school, my favorite excursion venue is the Singapore Science Centre! I remembered always asking my form teacher when are we going to the Science Centre again or why are we not going to the Science Centre but the zoo (or etc)? There was once, when the excursion is over and while waiting for boarding the bus to return back to school, i looked opposite to the homes opposite the Science Centre and wondered “Wow!! They are so fortunate to be staying directly opposite! I wished i am staying there so i can come to the Science Centre every day!”

The wish did came true, close to 20 years later! I got married to a handsome young man whom is staying directly opposite the Science Centre! When we were dating, the Science Centre was also one of places that we been to! Hee, can you tell what a “Science Frenzy” i am?

When KD is close to two years old, we applied for the “Science Explorer” Family membership for unlimited admission to the Science Centre. The main reason was because when we drove past, KD will be very excited when he sees the Waterworks. So we thought, why not? We can bring him on weekends to play with water!


image from Science Centre Website

KD ended up asking us on every weekends, if he can go play with Water at the Science Centre! Images below are of KD when he was two years old and playing at the Waterworks.







There were even mini “buggies” available for little children that we could borrowed for free then. KD loves to sit inside while we tour the other parts of the science centre to see its other exhibits. Now, however, these buggies are for rental at SGD4 for science centre member and i couldn’t remember the amount for public.


A year later, when our membership is due for renewal and KD was still constantly asking “Can we go Science Centre?”. Thus i upgraded to the Cosmic Adventurer instead. It only costs SGD143 a year for 2 Adult and up to 3 Children, for UNLIMITED FREE admission to the Science Centre and UNLIMITED FREE 40 mins IMAX movies. Click here if you are keen to find out more about the membership details.

As part of my SAHM days, KD will wake up and ask if we can go to the Science Centre today?? -_-“” I try my best to limit him and visit only once a week but there are times we came twice or thrice, depending on the shows timing and weather. I break apart the activities we can do there on separate days. That explains why KD is so familiar with the place, he can be a tour guide now, telling you exactly what you can do at the Science Centre and what movies are on. 🙂

His favorite will be the Fire Tornado Demonstration which happens daily at 3pm and the Tesla Coil Demonstration that happens daily at 12pm and 4pm. Other than that, he loves to explore the other exhibits too! I think he got the interests from me or it’s in part of his genes!

@ the Sound Exhibits

2012-11-30 15.23.38

Echo Tube Exhibit

2012-11-30 15.23.49

KD will come to this exhibit and said “Haaaaallooooooo” every time we are here. 🙂

2012-11-30 15.23.58

The very long and dark echo tube

2012-11-30 15.22.40

KD’s attempt at Singing Bowls

2012-11-30 15.22.52

Other Exhibits @ the Main Atrium

2012-11-30 15.25.04

It’s fascinating watching how the ball travels

2012-11-30 15.25.36

2012-11-30 15.25.19

2012-11-30 15.25.27

2012-11-30 15.27.41

2012-11-30 15.27.53

2012-11-30 15.28.10

2012-11-30 15.27.30

2012-11-30 15.27.21

Exhibits @ The Mind’s Eye

2012-11-30 15.30.01

Shadow Play

2012-11-30 15.29.49

Shadows Play

2012-11-30 15.29.55

Shadows Play

2012-11-30 15.31.50

KD’s favorite singing and dancing robot

2012-11-30 15.32.21

adults or children alike, all are fascinated by this. 🙂